The Mobility Plan

available in Meeker & Craig, CO


SCYS is not a group yoga studio but I do offer what I call The Mobility Plan.  What makes The Mobility Plan different from other plans that will claim to improve your health? Other plans will set you up to do the things you may only be able to do on the best of your days, but I understand and live with chronic pain so I know not all days are the best.  The customized plan I design will introduce you to movements you can do no matter what kind of day you are having; giving you the tools you need to successfully improve your mobility and live life a little more fully.

How it works:

  1. First, we will meet for a free 30min consult to discuss your mobility needs.

  2. Once you are ready to commit I will start building your plan based off what we discussed in your free consult, and we will schedule a 60 minute private session. (A deposit of $50 is required when scheduling your 60 minute session, this session must be completed within 90days of the deposit or your deposit will be lost)

  3. At the 60 minute session I will introduce you to your personal Mobility Plan. (The remaining balance of the total cost is due at this time)

  4. Once we have completed our 60 minute session I will continue to support you for 30 days; answering questions, and altering plans when needed. 


It is my goal that at the end of your 30 days you will feel confident knowing and understanding the movements from your plan and be able to use this information for years to come.

Note* additional 30 or 45 minute private sessions may be scheduled if more clarity is needed. 

Total cost: $200 (single person plan)

               $350 (group plan)

Your Mobility Yoga Plan may be built from the ground up, with the use of a chair, or include both!