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I made The River Stones Mala with the idea of push and pull in mind.  The strength of rushing water smooths the stone but the placement of the stone can determine where the water will rush onto.  This 20" mala is made with 108 round 6mm labradorite beads and an half inch diameter garnet guru center. The coloring of this mala shifts and glitters through hughs of gray and silver, with streaks of white and flecks of black and subtle glimpses of blues and green may also be found.  The silk tassel is a beautiful soft, warm taupe and the mala itself is tied with 100% organic hemp cord.



Labradorite is said to represent the temple of the stars, which hold the knowledge we seek for the understanding of the destiny we have unknowingly chosen. 



Garnet will help remove negative energy from the chakras and promote it's release through the strengthening of will, and body. 

The River Stones Mala"