Your Custom Mala Submission Starts Here!


What qualities are you looking for from the stones used to tie this mala?


Colors & Style:

What color(s) does the holder of this mala wear/gravitate towards the most?  It is nice to create something that can be easily paired with most outfits.


Bead size: Typically round 8mm beads are used for malas but I often use 6mm round beads & 10mm round or rondella beads. 

If this mala will be used to count mantra for meditation I recommend 8mm-10mm beads for women & 10mm-12mm beads for men. If the mala is simply being used for the stone qualities sizing will depend more on style, do you want it dainty, classic, or a larger statement piece?


Guru center: How would you like the guru center? Examples: tassel, puffball (great option for kids), crystal, anti-tassel; check out the pictures below for reference.


Price Range: What are you hoping to spend ($30 minimum)


Deposit: I do require a $30 deposit before starting on your mala, this will go towards the final price of your one-of-a-kind piece.  After I receive your submission I will send you a concept idea and a link to make your deposit.


Crystal Guru Center
Tassel & color blocking bead segue
Tassel & Stacked Snowman Style Guru
Tassel & color blocking bead segue
Guru Poof
Anti Tassel