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My name is Adrienne Wix, I am a certified yoga instructor, and it is my pleasure to share my knowledge of yoga poses with people of all ages.  I have found through teaching both group and private yoga sessions that many people are too intimidated by the idea of yoga to ever actually try it, and that is a shame when yoga can be both a great exercise and powerful therapy.  But what could I do to show it isn’t as far-out as it may seem?

In a time where every simple task seems convoluted with how technology could make it better, and everyone looks to a screen for information, I wanted to make something simple.  I wanted to mimic a comic strip, for people to cut out of their newspaper and pin up on the fridge or share with a friend next time they had coffee together.  That is how “The Strip” was named, styled, and came to answer my earlier question.  

In "The Strip" I break down (or strip down if you will) poses for readers to try at home.  I focus on sharing the most important alignment requirements of each pose so participants are not injuring or causing more damage to their bodies while still learning the fundamentals of the poses.The illustrations I use in “The Strip” I first created during my original yoga teacher training on the flash cards we were assigned to make.  I have continued using these illustrations when making Mobility Plans for my yoga patrons and have received wonderful feedback about how the simplicity of these illustrations help make the alignment of the poses clear.

I have been tickled pink to see my work published weekly in The Rio Blanco Herald Times since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic.  After receiving so much positive feedback from their readers I am now looking to share my work with other communities.


If you are interested in a personal Mobility Plan or publishing my work please reach out to me at 970.234.3393 or by submitting a message