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What is SCYS?

Born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Sleepy Cat Yogi Shop works to honor the hippie, the cowboy, and the retro heart of Colorado's Western Slope.

It is here in the gateway of The White River National Forest that those who seek silence dare to stray.

Bumble is an eight-year old Saint Bernard/Black Lab mix who has been by my side through thick and thin since she was a wee four weeks old. She has many wonderful skills that she enjoys sharing with our customers including therapy leans and therapy snores.  If you are lucky perhaps she will even instruct you through the stretch that rehabilitated her lower spine after an icy accident four years ago. 

Bumble enjoys long walks, rolling in any patch of snow, cuddles, food, and Bumbling about.  Though not much for toys or fetching Bumble does like the occasional stick to chew on.


You can visit Bumble and I at the shop this Christmas season at 1130 Market St. Meeker, CO.

Meet Shop Dog Bumble

Hey I'm Adrienne. Born & raised in the White River Valley I have always held a special place in my heart for it and love to promote the incredible people who also call it home.  I strive for this shop to be a hub for local creators to share their goods and for everyone to celebrate our quite little corner of Colorado.

I myself specialize in the beading or knotting of mala beads.  These are often known as prayer beads and can be a beautiful representation of the hopes we all hold for ourselves and our surroundings.  Each bead is blessed with a mantra as I tie, and should they break I happily retie them no charge.  I was surprised by the odd quirks of life when I ended up turning my adolescent hobby for beading into my business in 2018.  After years of making jewelry for family and friends I began to focus on the creation of malas. Click Here to learn more about stones & mala beads.

Thank you for coming to see what SCYS is all about; wishing you happy days and safe roads,


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