My name is Adrienne Wix, I am a certified yoga instructor, and it is my pleasure to share my knowledge of yoga asanas with people of all ages.  I have found through teaching  both group and private yoga sessions that many people are too intimidated by the idea of yoga to ever actually try it, and that is a shame when it is such a wonderful exercise for all walks of life. 


I truly mean that! I first began practicing yoga as another exercise in my intense wildland firefighter prep regime.  Unfortunately, in 2016 I began to have debilitating pain which I would not find the cause of for three years.  It turns out I suffer from a condition called EDS or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, an incurable connective tissue disorder.  However, during those first three years of disability I lost the ability to practice many activities, but yoga was always there for me.  It was then when my practice began to bloom and I became an instructor.

In "The Strip" I break down (or strip down if you will) poses for readers to try at home.  I focus on sharing the most important alignment requirements of each pose so participants are not injuring or causing more damage to their bodies.  It is my particular pleasure to work with individuals who like me suffer from chronic conditions, but still yearn to live fully.

I have been tickled pink to see my work published weekly in my hometown's local paper, The Rio Blanco Herald Times since the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic.  While this idea has been in my head for nearly three years, it was not until March of 2020 when I made it a reality. 


If you are interested in a personal Mobility Plan or publishing my work please reach out to me at 970.234.3393 or by submitting a message

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